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US election Webinar Series: Where is America Going?

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HSBC in Italy presents a dedicated series of Zoom Webinars on the upcoming US elections. Join us by registering for the latest webinar below or watching a replay.

The upcoming US elections on November 3 represents the most important geopolitical event in recent years, considering the unprecedented polarization in the US public opinion and the broader international implications - from financial markets to global trade and beyond.. HSBC in Italy is pleased to arrange a dedicated series of Zoom Webinars with one of the most acclaimed US political experts, John Hulsman, to discuss the potential outcomes and the likely impact on US policies and the international business environment.

Starting after the highly controversial first presidential TV debate, we will host four sessions on key aspects (with interactive Q&A), culminating with Election Night when John will join us to discuss live results.


Guest Speaker: John Hulsman

Hulsman is an American foreign policy expert and one of the world's leading war game facilitators. A life member of the US Council on Foreign Relations, the pre-eminent US foreign policy institution, Hulsman is also the author of all or part of 10 books, including Amazon bestsellers "Ethical Realism", "The Godfather Doctrine", and most recently an acclaimed intellectual biography of Lawrence of Arabia, "To Begin the World Over Again". Hulsman has served as an advisor of the US House of Representatives International Relations Committee, the Atlantic Council and the Council on Foreign Relations, and other organizations. He has given hundreds of briefings at the invitation of the U.S. Department of State, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council, and the US Congress, as well as governments throughout Europe

Trump's second term scenario

Tuesday 6th October

What would a Biden Presidency look like?

Tuesday 13th October

The horse-race: the path to victory

Tuesday 27th October

Where does America go from here

Wednesday 4th November, 8:00am CET

Live election night update

Thursday 5th November, 8:00am CET

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